white corner entertainment center

By | December 24, 2022

This is a space-saving TV stand designed for use in the corners of rooms.  It offers storage shelves and some of them are hidden behind glass doors.

Whether you have a small living room or simply enjoy saving space, a white corner TV stand is great for both. You can find them closed with cabinets to hide the wires or you can find them open for easy access. Because they are white, they go well with any wall color, including white walls. Choose from our list of corner TV ideas and find the right one that matches your interior style.

White Corner TV Cabinet With Sliding Doors

This two-tone corner TV cabinet is made of MDF and laminate with a rustic wooden top. It comes with two doors, an anti-tip lock to protect small children, and shelves that you can customize to fit your electronics.

Designer’s Advice:

This corner TV will add country charm to your farmhouse style. Because the cabinet doors slide from side to side, you save space in front of the TV stand for your coffee table. However, be careful if you have small children at home, as this type of cabinet door is more likely to cause pinched fingers.

Corner TV cabinet with glass doors

This white corner TV stand with beautiful etched glass cabinet doors stands on tall and elegant legs. It comes with built-in cable holes and gives the illusion of more space as it sits higher off the ground.

Corner TV Unit With Fireplace

This white corner TV cabinet radiates warm and cozy vibes. The legs are adjustable and each side cabinet comes with one center shelf that you can adjust.

Corner TV Cabinet With side shelves

This white corner TV unit makes the most of the space it comes with. It sits flat on the floor to prevent dust and the cabinet door style allows for airflow to prevent overheating.

White Corner TV Unit With Drawers

Store TV remotes and game controllers in drawers and movies behind the door with this corner TV cabinet. It comes in an off-white color with a brown top and is wider than most TV stands to accommodate larger TVs.

L-shaped corner TV unit

This white corner TV cabinet comes with a choice of white and concrete or oak and white. It has no handles, instead it comes with a push-to-open system for a more flawless design.

Designer’s Advice:

If you have the space, getting an L-shaped corner TV cabinet is a unique choice. They add plenty of storage space for electronics, game consoles and DVDs. Due to its style, your TV has to sit on one side or the other, unless you choose to mount the TV on the wall.

White corner TV stand with an open design

This modern corner TV has an elegant style and vertical chrome bars. It’s backed with faux wood, has soundbar shelves, and is great for smaller TVs.

Designer’s Advice:

Corner TV units with open shelves are a great choice for people who have few items. Because the shelves are open, they’re great for displaying home decor bowls, plants, and other eye-catching items. Keep in mind that the lack of cabinet doors will allow dust to settle on surfaces, which will require more frequent dusting.

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Can you use a corner TV cabinet in an open floor plan?

The corner TV cabinet is ideal for use in an open floor plan thanks to its triangular shape, which allows it to fit perfectly into tight corner spaces. Being able to place the TV in the far corner of an open floor plan means excellent visibility for everyone in the space.

The open floor plan benefits from clear views almost everywhere on this level of the house. It’s not just an advantage when entertaining guests or watching your kids; it’s also fantastic for watching TV from any angle.

A white corner TV cabinet is an excellent solution for an open family room with a fireplace. If you want to use your fireplace as the focal point of the room and refrain from mounting the TV above it, you can easily place the TV in the corner so that guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the fireplace. When only the family is at home, you can concentrate on the entertainment console.

How do you measure a corner TV cabinet to determine the size of the TV?

To determine what size tv will fit your white corner tv cabinet, you need to measure and understand which dimensions are most important. As a general rule of thumb, your TV needs to be at least 2” smaller than the corner cabinet to allow for cable access and ventilation.

Measure the width of the cabinet surface area at its widest point. Now subtract 2”. This is the maximum TV size that will work best. For example, if your corner cabinet is 50 inches wide, the ideal TV size will be 48 inches or less.

The advertised size of the TV is based on the diagonal stretching from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. If possible, measure the actual width of the TV from its left edge to its right edge instead to determine the fit.


white corner entertainment center

white corner entertainment center


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