What is  physical fitness?

By | June 6, 2022

What is  physical fitness?

What is  physical fitness?

A physically fit person is able to do this daily chores, fulfil his household responsibility, and have enough energy to enjoy sports and other relaxation activities.  A healthy person responds even in an emergency. In this article we will learn what is physical fitness.

What is physical  fitness?

Physical fitness is the ability of your body system to work together efficiently to allow you to stay health and engage in activities in daily basis.  Being efficient means doing daily activities with as little efforts as possible.

Physical fitness is a state of healthy and well being and ,  in particular, the ability to carry out sports, business and daily activities. Physically fitness is usually achieved through adequate rest, along with proper nutrition, exercise and a formal  recovery plan. Fitness is quality or condition of being fit and healthy.

Physical fitness is the one of the major health condition. You cant imagine person being healthy without being physically fit. Therefore physical fitness must be fully appreciated.

Another important issue is whether physical fitness is a universal condition that applied equally to all. Not so the physical fitness of young people is different from the older people. In fact, physical fitness is different for different people.

Health related physical fitness factor.

  1. Cardio – respiratory endurance reflects the body ability to supply fuel during the constant physical activities of the circulatory and respiratory system. To improve your cardio -respiratory endurance try long term activities like raising your heart rate to safe level, such as walking, running,  jogging , swimming, cycling, ETC.  Start slowly with the activities you and enjoy gradually increase the work to more intensity.
  2. Muscular strength – it is the amount of force applied to a muscles or group of muscles, capable of performing a maximum efforts. The key to strengthening your muscles is to make them work against resistance, whether its weight or gravity. If you want to gain muscle strength, try exercise like weight lifting.  ( under proper supervision)
  3. Muscular endurance – is the ability of a muscles or group of muscles to use force against a submaximal load for given period of time. before exhaustion to the point of failure.
  4. Body composition – is the amount of body mass to body fat, including muscles, fat, bones, and other vital parts of the body. It is important to consider body composition for health and to manage body fat.
  5. Flexibility is the range of motion around the joint. Good elasticity in the joints can help prevent injury at all stages of life.  If you want to improve your flexibility, try yoga, gymnastics and basis stretching exercise programs.


Skill related physical fitness factor

  1. Agility is the ability to change and control the direction of the body while maintaining constant, rapid movement. For example changing direction to hit tennis ball.
  2. Balance is the ability to control or stabilize the body while a person is moving or moving. Handstands, for example, in gymnastics.
  3. Balance is the ability to use the senses together with organs of the body while moving. For example, dribbling basketball. Using hands and eyes together is called hard eye coordination.
  4. Speed is the ability to move your body or parts of your body faster. Many games rely on speed to gain an advantages over an opponent. For example a basketball player taking a quick break to lay up, a tennis player moving forward to get a drop shot, a football player running to the defense to get a pass.
  5. Power is the ability to move the organs of the body faster using the maximum force of the muscles. Strength is a combination of both speed and muscles strength. For example, volleyball players lift on the net and raise their bodies in the air.
  6. Reaction time is the ability to quickly reach or respond to what you here, see or experience. For example, a player jumps out of a block early in a swimming or track event or hits a base in baseball.

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