What is a bending machine?

By | October 11, 2022

The hydraulic bending machine is necessary for the production of crimp curved panels or non-crimp curved corrugated sheets mainly used as roofing for warehouses, military camps, warehouses, parking shelters and so on. Curved corrugated panel without crimping.

Types of bending machines

  1. Sheet metal bender
  2. Busbar bending, cutting and punching machine
  3. Hydraulic and mechanical profile bender
  4. Hydraulic hand
  5. Motorized pipe bender
  6. Sheet folding machine
  7. Sheet metal bender
  8. Pipe bending machine

Sheet metal bender

The sheet metal bending machine is chosen mainly for the purpose of creating a bend inside the sheets. The metal pieces are first fixed on a fixture that is known to hold them throughout the work process. The nature of this bending machine is established due to the unknown fact which is that they are made using very high quality raw material.

A sheet folding machine is referred to as a tool that is used to bend objects at any particular angle. This bending machine profile is referred to as pipe bending machine because it is mainly used for the purpose of bending tubular items. Above all, this type of machine is suitable for use whenever it comes to bending any objects such as tubes, pipes, etc. Profile benders are the ones that are used due to their high precision quality and are preferred among most of the users.

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Hydraulic press brake

All the technically perfect and perfectly engineered tools are found to consume less electricity and even have minimal maintenance. Mainly thanks to the rear cylinders, the system is responsible for lower pressure consumption together with the compact cylinders. Machines with these types of excellent quality have the strength to combat fatigue failure and the machines have the capacity of better stiffness and also load bearing capacity.

CNC press brake

The CNC press brake is referred to as a 3-axis machine that is accurate, automatic, and has a quick backstop. It is known to be one of the perfect tools used to meet precision bending requirements. These are the ones that are known to be highly user-friendly and offer cost-effective solutions as per the requirements of various industries. Every part of the machine is prepared to provide the best support during operation. These machines are specifically designed to meet all precision bending requirements at comparatively very low investment.

Sheet metal rolling machine

There are different types of sheet metal rolling machines that you should definitely know about in order to choose the best one for your application. Scroll down to learn more:

A) Mechanical sheet metal bender with 3 cylinders (pyramid type)

The sheet metal bending machine is mostly identified as a pyramid type mechanical sheet metal bending machine, which is specially designed to meet the basic requirements of metal sheet bending and forming. In this type of machine, the bottom rolls off and is driven by an electric motor and a gearbox. The top roller is the one that has manual adjustment up and down to achieve the desired bend radius. It is one of the simplest and most robust designs a machine can have and is also suitable for light to medium jobs.

B) Hydro-mechanical bending of pyramid-type plates with 3 cylinders

The sheet metal bending machine is a pyramid type, which is specially designed and is accompanied by the upper movement up and down by means of a hydraulic cylinder. This is a system that saves time and labor in adjusting the top roll. This is a feature that makes the machine more productive and suitable for demanding jobs. The movement of the end of the dropper is carried out using a hydraulic cylinder.

Pyramid type bending cylinder

The bottom rollers are the ones that are solid and are driven together by gears and a hot reduction gear. The top roller is the one that rotates in a particularly fixed position that can be manually adjusted up and down using the adjustable screws.

A profile bender is referred to as machinery that is typically used in industry to perform profile bending of various shapes and sizes. These are the types of bending machines that are commonly found in the market and can satisfy the widest range of products. Many different features can be found in a hydromechanical profile bending machine, including some features such as capacity, robustness, axis diameter, as well as support for different profiles.

Special cast frames are mentioned as follows:

  • The shafts are usually hardened together with a special type of steel material.
  • The rollers are special steel materials that have been found to be hardened and ground.
  • The gears are milled together with the solid material.
  • Vertical operations
  • Complete with a standard foot pedal

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The main parts of the bending machine

1. Bend Die

The bending die is called the one which is also known as the bending form or the radius die. This is referred to as one of the most important components of a rotary draw bending machine. The tube is located in a bending die where the drawing process creates the desired bend. The choice of this type of die is very important because the tubes present inside the radius depend on it.

2. Clamping die

The clamping die is referred to as the one that presses the pipe onto the bending die. The main purpose of this type of die is to prevent any slippage of the pipe when it is in operation.

3. Pressure matrix

It was found that the pressure die is responsible for ensuring that the tube follows the contour of the bend die.




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