What do Korean girls apply on their face? learn

korean skin care

Nowadays Korean skin care routine is very much in trend. If you also want spotless and glowing skin, then the Korean skin care routine should be yours.

korean girls beauty secret

The skin of Korean girls looks flawless, glowing and shining like glass. Come on, the very special skin of Korean girls knows the care routine.

Rice water

Rice water is the secret of glowing skin of Korean girls. For this, you soak rice in water overnight. Wash your face with this water in the morning.

Benefits of rice water

Washing the face with rice water brightens the complexion and gets rid of spots and wrinkles on the face and also keeps the face hydrated.

Barley Tea

Koreans prefer to drink barley tea instead of tea. The fiber present in it protects the skin from wrinkles and makes the skin glowing.

cleaning of face

Soak a soft cloth in warm water and squeeze it. Now gently clean the face and neck with this cloth. This clears the dirt of the skin.

face pack

Along with improving the complexion of the rice, it also removes dead skin. For this, you can mix aloe vera juice in rice flour and apply it on the face, wash the face after 15 minutes.

10 second trick

Korean girls also follow the 10 second trick. In this trick, within 10 seconds of washing your face, you have to apply toner on your face. So that the face is not dry.

Green tea

The medicinal properties present in green tea are very beneficial for the skin, for this boil green tea in a cup of water and Wash your face after it cools down.

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