Want to start the new year healthy, can take this resolution

The new year 2023 is going to start.

In view of the increasing cases of Corona's new variant BF.7 in China, the concern of the people in India has also increased a lot.

Cases of this new variant of Corona are coming up in India, but at the moment they are very less.

To prevent the increasing cases of corona and to keep yourself healthy and fit, it is important that you include some things in your routine.


Make sure to include yoga in your daily routine. This keeps your mood refreshed and you will be saved from many diseases.

Interesting hobby

Learn some new things in the new year like gardening, painting and sketching, photography etc.

Aannual checkup

Full body checkup must be done at least once a year. Include annual checkup in your healthy resolution.

Stay stress free

In this new year, promise yourself that you will not take any stress in this new year.

Healthy diet

To stay healthy in the new year, it is important that you take a healthy diet. Consume fruits and vegetables that are fresh and in season.

Reduce screen time

Take a resolution in this new year that you will not use electronic gadgets for most of your time.

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