Top 10 highest paying programming languages according to inventor check

1. Python Python is a garçon- side language that boasts a wide range of operations.

2. JavaScript JavaScript is considered an ideal programming language if the thing is to produce dynamic web rudiments similar as animated plates, interactive charts, etc.

3. Golang( Go) Go, as numerous know, is a programming language developed by Google.

4. Java Another excellent programming language to learn for web development, operation development and big data is Java.

5. C# C#’s veritably capability to support object- acquainted programming generalities is one of the main reasons for its growing fashion ability.

6. R R is a programming language extensively used for statistical processing, including direct and nonlinear modeling, calculation, testing, visualization, and analysis.

7. C++ With features like data abstraction, polymorphism, heritage, etc., you know for sure that C++ has everything you need for good earnings as well as openings in your programming career.

8. swift Despite the fact that Swift is a fairly new language, it finds its place in the top 10 programming languages for earnings and openings because of its speed, performance and security.

9. Kotlin Kotlin is an open- source programming language that’s in high demand these days.

10. Ruby Ruby is largely preferred by web inventors because it has a syntax that’s easy to read and write.