How to take care of hair in winter?

Special care should be taken of the hair in winter. Due to the change in weather, the scalp can become dry and the hair can become weak. That's why take winter care of hair in these ways.

scalp massage

Massaging the scalp is very important. By doing this, blood circulation in the hair improves. Therefore, before sleeping and after waking up, massage the scalp with the help of fingers.

use lukewarm water

Use neither too cold nor too hot water to wash hair. Washing with hot water can make the scalp more dry. Wash hair with lukewarm water in winter.

take healthy diet

Lack of nutrients can also cause hair to become weak and break. Therefore, include foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as green vegetables and citrus fruits in the diet.

silk hair band

If your hair breaks more in winter, then use hair bands and pillow covers made of silk. By doing this, hair breakage can be reduced, as well as use a comb with thick teeth.

don't forget conditioning

Just like shampoo, hair conditioning is also important. At the same time, the conditioner should not be applied on the scalp. Apply the conditioner only on the hair strands. It makes hair soft.

Avoid over-styling Avoid styling hair at high temperatures frequently. Use the prescribed temperature to straighten and curl hair. At the same time, apply heat protection serum before styling.

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