De-clutter   Clutter causes stress and brings negative energy to the house. The only way to keep it positive is by decluttering your home. Get rid of what you don't need.

Natural sunlight   If you keep your curtains always drawn and doors shut then it is time to open them all and let the natural sunlight flow in. It elevates the mood and makes everyone happier.

Plants please!   Incorporate plants into your household as it has dozen of benefits. Apart from improving air quality, plants bring in positivity. They beautify your space and add life to your home.

Renovation  Don't move things around if it looks too much, but atleast get fresh paint on the walls if your house needs it. If you have broken chairs then get rid of them.

Artwork Hanging meaningful artwork on the walls goes a long way toward inviting positive energy into the home. Place cheerful paintings and nothing related to sadness or death or war.

Add colour   Pristine white and black looks class and  so do golden accents in home decor but it is important to add some other colours. Go for vibrant decor pieces or a coloured wall.

Scents   Aromatherapy is not just for depression or momentary relaxation. If your home smells good, you feel good and so do your guests. Potpourri to sachets, try different things.

Open the windows   Letting fresh air enter your home is very important. It lets positivity in. Keep a window open in the morning and if it gets cold, close it when it is a little dark outside.

Lighting  Some people love dim lights but it only brings forth darkness which you may not even realise. Get simple lamps, and make sure your home has enough lights.

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