Fabulous Things To Do In Your City This Christmas Weekend

1. Host an ice-skating social

Gather your friends for some winter fun. Embrace the chilly weather and serve up hot rum with vanilla ice cream

2. Make your own garland

While you can certainly make your own strands of Christmas garland from faux pine or other greenery

You don’t need a lot of snow to create a charming design with classic elements such as a carrot nose and eyes made of coal or stones.

4. Cross-stitch some Christmas merriment

While you’re watching Hallmark Christmas movies, try sewing something sweet for a friend, teacher, or relative.

5. Try a non-tree tree

Not into fresh Fraser fir or pre-lit flock beauty? No worries. Think outside the box by creating a tree shape from items you already have, or arrange holiday

6. Go on a winter scavenger hunt

Organize a winter scavenger hunt for the kids and let them find animals and plants they are likely to see outside. 

7. Add cheer to your front door

The door is not just on the wreath! Try a pair of vintage skates loaded with fresh greenery from around your yard.

8. Decorate a tabletop tree

Add a tree to a small space by placing a 3″ variety on the table. Sprinkle a few with ornaments and garland and you’re done!

9. Hold a neighborhood cookie swap

With all that beautiful Christmas cookie decorating you’ve been working on all month, you should show off your cookie skills

10. Hang stockings by the fireplace

No holiday decoration is complete without Christmas decorations on the mantelpiece, especially stockings that are carefully hung by the chimney.