Cool tech gadgets under$ 50

1. Mini drone

This insanely affordable mini drone from Holy Stone makes a great gift for newcomers. It has a clever design with defensive covers around the rotors,

2. A19X movable music player

The AGPTEK A19X has a twisted design and an astral point set that defies its sub-$ 50 stickers, making it a great gift for digital music suckers.

3. G- Shock DW5600E Digital Watch

The Casio G- Shock DW5600 Digital Watch is one of the coolest cheap tech gifts for gearheads.

4. ArcField Wireless Charger

This super-fast wireless bowl from Spigen is a fantastic tech gift under$ 50 for any smartphone stoner.

5. Band 7 Fitness & Health Tracker

The Amazfit Band 7 fitness shamus is a huge gift under$ 50 because it has design and tackle features that belong in the advanced price order.

6. Small matte table mat

The Grove made Matte office Mat is a great tech gift to enhance the philanthropist’s workspace.

7. Go 3 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Go 3 Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for anyone who likes to enjoy melodies on the go.

8. Dime Mini Multitool

Precisely drafted in the USA, the Gerber Dime is a compact and point-rich multi-tool that makes a great gift choice for gearheads.

9. Aivo Boost smart auto bowl with Alexa

The  Aivo Boost auto bowl is a thoughtful and affordable gift for the Amazon Alexa in your life.

10. Echo fleck (5th Gen)

The rearmost replication of the bitsy Amazon Echo fleck is an amazing smart speaker and a great tech gift.