9 signs of negative energy in a house

There is too much clutter

If things have begun piling up at home and it includes actual things and not just emotions, it is a sign of negativity in the house.

Foul smells

If you are experiencing some foul smells in the house which could be musty or damp or even something dead, it is energy stuck and a positive home should have fresh and natural smells.

Too many arguments

If you notice that you have more arguments at home, whether with others living with you or while you're on the phone, it's a sign of negative energy in  the house.

Insomnia & nightmares

When sleep becomes something you dread, you're surrounded by negative energy, even in your bedroom.

Financial struggle

If there is a financial struggle or the beginning of one that is a sign that there is negativity in the house and something is blocking the abundance.

Struggling with positive  thoughts

If you are not depressed and are struggling to think positively, it means you are breathing negative energy and probably the house needs cleansing.

Feeling tired all the time

It's okay to come home tired, but when home makes you tired, there's a problem. It is a sign of negative energy in the house. You should instead feel energised in your home.

Miscommunication has become  common

There is negative energy inside when anger boils over between everyone at home.

Lack of passion

We often explore our passions at home in our relationships or at work. When home becomes a place where we just want to do nothing at all, it is a sign of negativity.

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