The best hoverboards under $200

best hoverboards

As the demand for hoverboards increases, they are becoming cheaper and more accessible to the masses. The best hoverboard under 200 is one of the best mid-range hoverboards, suitable for both adults and children. They are best for beginners and kids learning to ride hoverboards. Their self-balancing properties make them an excellent choice for learning and keeping fun on the go.

The best hoverboards for sale under $200 have basic hoverboards and some excellent quality options. You can drive them for extra miles and top speed for more fun driving. It is equally suited to any terrain thanks to the average 400 to 600W motors that provide excellent acceleration for driving. With this engine power, the best off-road hoverboard under 200 can easily cover slopes between 10 to 15 degrees.


Best Hoverboards Under $200


Even if you limit your budget to $200, there’s no need to compromise on quality or performance. Need a range of 12 miles or more? It is quite possible. Does the top speed exceed ten miles per hour? Easy. How about a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged up to 5,000 times? Self-balancing scooters under $200 are not a problem these days.

The problem is choosing from all the high-quality options available. At just $200, the package of basic hoverboard features is simply remarkable these days. Fast charging, long battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, durable rubber tires and much more. Not to mention powerful dual motors and a smooth driving experience for kids and adults alike.

All packed into a sub-$200 hoverboard that seems almost too good to be true. To narrow it down, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the five best hoverboards under $200. Each of the following scored top marks for safety tests, smooth rides, top speeds and more:


1. Hoverboard JOLEGE

Hoverboard JOLEGE


The visual design of the Jolege self-balancing hoverboard alone is enough to make you want one. Bursting with colorful LEDs and Bluetooth support, it combines premium looks with rock-solid performance.

Cruise at speeds up to 6 mph, thanks to the powerful 300W dual motors under the hood. It has a maximum rider weight of 180 pounds along with a quick two-hour charge. Importantly, the manufacturer states that it only takes 5 minutes to master the Jolene self-balancing hoverboard. Ideal for beginners, the emphasis is on stability, safety and a smooth ride.


Features and benefits

Designed primarily for beginners and packed with state-of-the-art self-balancing technology.
The dual 300W motors under the hood are good for a top speed of up to 6 mph on everyday surfaces.
With a maximum load capacity of 180 pounds, it is ideal for children and adult riders of all ages.
Available in a dizzying array of colors and finishes, with a choice of Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth.
UL 2272 safety certification contributes to complete peace of mind, whether you use it indoors or outdoors.



Another stellar hoverboard under $200, which represents almost impossible value for money. Easy to use and thoroughly tested for safety, it’s the ideal motherboard for kids. Although it also has more than enough towing power to transport adults up to 180 pounds.



  • Charge in just 2 hours
  • Top speed 6 mph
  • Decent battery life
  • Maximum load capacity 180 lbs
  • UL 2272 safety certification
  • Available in dozens of colors
  • Extremely safe and easy to operate
  • Excellent overall value for money


  • No information on optimal range


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2. XPRIT Hoverboard

XPRIT Hoverboard

The XPRIT Hoverboard has been a top seller online for quite some time now for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s one of the nicest Bluetooth boards to run in its price range. Extremely affordable and built to last, it’s ideal for children aged seven and up and adults of all ages.

The quality of the Bluetooth speaker is above average, as is its 7 mile range. It also charges from a dead battery in just 2 hours – much faster than many of its closest competitors. Six gorgeous colors to choose from – all bursting with bright, bold LEDs – seal the deal


Features and benefits

The XPRIT Hoverboard charges from a flat state in just 2 hours, far outperforming many comparable boards.
Battery life averages around 75 minutes, which is good for a range of 7 miles per charge.
A top speed of 6mph is just about right for a motherboard – perfect for kids and adults alike.
The maximum load capacity of the board is 165lbs according to the manufacturer.
A high-quality Bluetooth speaker is built into the dashboard for even more entertainment on the go.



The XPRIT Hoverboard is a general favorite among kids and entry-level riders. Fast charging, surprisingly fast and durable, it’s a premium package at a reasonable price. However, it is more suitable for children and adults due to its limited maximum rider weight of 165 pounds.



  • The ideal motherboard
  • Suitable for children aged seven and over
  • A surprisingly capable Bluetooth speaker
  • A decent top speed of six mph
  • Battery life up to 75 minutes
  • Charging in just 2 hours
  • Very impressive value for money


  • Maximum weight limit 165 pounds


3. Hoverboard Hover-1 Drive

Hoverboard Hover-1 Drive

First, the Hoverboard Hover-1 Drive is a no-nonsense device that prioritizes performance over everything else. If you can live without Bluetooth, this thing is truly the best buy in its category. With a top speed of 7 mph and a maximum weight of 160 pounds, it’s perfect for kids and adults alike.

As far as range goes, you’ll get 3 miles on a full battery. Charging time is 4.5 to 6.5 hours on average, after which a useful battery level indicator keeps track of remaining power. Beautifully presented and UL 2272 certified, the Hover-1 Drive self-balancing scooter represents excellent value for money.


Features and benefits

It is rated for a top speed of 7 mph on the vast majority of smooth everyday surfaces.
A full battery is good for about 3 miles of riding with a maximum rider weight of 160 pounds.
The battery circuit is UL 2272 certified and charging times average 4.5 to 6.5 hours from a full charge.
Top-of-the-line brushless motors provide plenty of pulling power and are quiet in use.
According to the manufacturer, the battery can be recharged up to 5,000 times for an unbeatable price-quality ratio.



It’s the simplicity of the Hover-1 Drive that makes it one of the best hoverboards available under $200. Easy and fun to ride with full UL 2272 certification, it’s great for kids and adults of all ages.

It is true that the range could be slightly improved and the charging time is a bit long. However, when you consider what’s on offer for under $200, it’s still excellent value for money.



  • Excellent top speed of 7 mph
  • Safe and stable when driving
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Maximum load capacity 160 lbs
  • It can be charged up to 5000 times
  • Fully certified to UL 2272 safety
    Excellent overall value for money


  • Limited range of three miles

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