Julie Bles with optimae behavioral health

By | July 17, 2022

Julie Bles with Optimae behavioral health


Julie Bles

Julie Bles with optimae behavioral health


Julie Bles, LISW, joined the Optimae LifeServices family in 2021 and serves in the Des Moines and Ames communities.

She brings 18 years of experience to her role a licensed independent social worker (LISW), and specializer in the areas of trauma, attachment, depression and anxiety, and dissociative disorders.  She id trained in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and play based interventions.  Bles work with both adults and children.

Prior to joining Optimae, Bles provided therapy for severe emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as individual, family, and group therapy.

She earn her bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1993 from Darke university and her masters degree in social work in 2004 from the University of Lowa.


The leadership team at Optimae life services has a combined more than 150 years of experience in the health and human services industries. They have grown Optimae from a company offering limited services to a handful of countries to one serving individuals from 39 lowa counties inn central, Eastern and southeastern lowa with a wide array of service.

Through strategic planning, they have in the past decade nearly doubled the number of workers employed and more than double the counties served.

Mission, Vision, & Values


Optimae offers comprehensive customer driver services that encourage choice, empowerment and community integration.


Through employee ownership and fiscal responsibility, Optimae LifeServices seeks to be a recognized leader in health care and human services, providing meaningful support and successful outcomes.




customer choice is the foundation of all we do. All day, every day we seek to empower people to discover and recover valued roles in their communities.


we respect customer and employee rights and choices. We recognize everyone’s capabilities, strengths and potential.


working together, we create a healthy and supportive environment for meaningful and successful outcomes. Teamwork empowers customers choices and employee participation and investment.


constant learning generates continual improvement.  New knowledge and skill ensure quality service, community integration and satisfied customers.

Our history


  • Optimae lifestyle begins offering services in Black Hawk country.
  • Optimae lifeServices launches Optimae Rehabilitation services division, opening in Des Moines lowa’s first outpatient rehabilitation clinic to specialize in providing occupational therapy to individuals with mental illness and intellectual disabilities.


  • Optimae LifeServices celebrates its 30th anniversary of providing services to individual with disabilities and mental illness in lowa
  • Optimae home health services in central lowa receive a three-year CHAP re accreditation.


  • Optimae expands its microbusinesses outside of central lowa with the opening of the coal palace café and books in Ottumwa.
  • Optimae behavioral health services adds in houses medication management to its list of services with the hiring of prescribers in central and southeastern lowa.


  • Optimae lifestyle services expand Optimae home health services into certral lowa.
  • Optimae lifeserives begins offering services in marion and mahaska counties.
  • Optimae lifeservices significantly expands its behavioral health program in central lowa.


  • Optimae lifeservice expands davis center from a 25 to 32 bed facility.
  • Optimae lifeservices opens a second raccoon forks farm in runnels to provide additional employment and support to customers in Polk country.


  • Optimae LifeServices creates Dovetails Business services to Optimae and other health and human service providers. The business was later consolidated with Optimae in 2014.


  • Optimae LifeServices opens Brick Street Books and café in Adel to provide additional employment and support to customers in Dallas country.


  • Rescare rebrands itself Optimae LifeServices to better reflect the services it offers.


  • President William Dodds and chief Executive officer Rod Hotek purchase a majority of stock ownership in ResCare and take over management of the company.
  • An updated structure and senior management team is created.


  • ResCare begins providing community based serviced in lowa country.
  • ResCare takes over management of 34 apartments units in Bloomfield and Ottumwa.


  • ResCare begins providing intensive psychiatric rehabilitation as one of the first eight providers accredited in lowa.
  • ResCare builds and begins managing woodridge Apartments, a 24- unit affordable housing project in Washington.
  • ResCare acquires Des Moines Country’s residential care facility.  It discontinued management in 2007 to focus on providing community-based services.


  • ResCare receives accreditation to provide home and community-based services and expand its services for those with intellectual disabilities in southern and southeastern lowa, making it one of the largest providers inn the state.
  • 1990 ResCare expands supported community living services in response to growing need. It begins building and buying affordable housing throughout southeast lowa to provide persons being served in the community with decent, safe and affordable housing.


  • ResCare being managing the Davis Country residential care facility. ResCare later turned the facility into a specialized nursing home for the elderly with severe and persistent mental illness.


  • ResCare inc. is founded by John Kuster and Harvey Hensley to provide disability and health care services in lowa.

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