How to style a bucket hat

How to style a bucket hat
How to style a bucket hat

How to wear a bucket hat

Hats may seem like a blast from the past, but they’re still a popular, stylish accessory to add to your ensemble. From casual outfits to nostalgic looks, there are plenty of stylish looks to try.

Experiment with muted and neutral colors.

You don’t need a bold, eye-catching outfit to pull off a bucket hat. Contrary to popular belief, bold parkas and retro tracksuits aren’t the only ways to rock a hat. Instead, choose casual streetwear in muted colors as your base outfit. Clothing in neutral tones is another great way to put together a subtle yet stylish outfit with your bucket hat.

Summer knitwear and classic T-shirts are a great addition to a streetwear outfit.

You can complete the gray suit with a black hat.

Opt for a monochromatic look.

Choose matching colored clothes for your outfit – it can be a jumpsuit, a top and nice trousers or an oversized jacket. Choose a bucket hat that matches the color scheme of the rest of your outfit – this will help you create a cohesive and stylish look.

You can wear an oversized, solid color jacket and wear a matching hat.

You can pair a nice pair of jeans with a matching top and hat.

Wear a bright or textured hat to make it stand out.

Textures help add another dimension to your outfit.  Don’t be afraid to wear multiple textures at once – this will make your outfit really eye-catching and dynamic. You can also choose a bucket hat that is a completely different color than the rest of your outfit. Draw the eye up with a brightly colored hat that creates a cool, stylish division to your entire outfit.

For example, you can wear a fuzzy hat with a knitted cardigan.

You can wear a brightly colored hat with a jacket and shorts of a different color.

If your bucket hat is more understated, try pairing it with a stylish graphic tee and sequined trousers for an outfit that really stands out!

Complete the fresh spring outfit with a hat.

Slip into a button-down top or tee and nice shorts. You can button up the top completely, or leave a few buttons open to make your outfit nice and airy. Complete your outfit with a monochrome bucket hat that really pulls the whole thing together!

For example, you can pair a neutral-toned button-up with neutral-toned shorts and a bright, solid-colored hat.

In summer, wear a tank top and shorts with a hat.

Hats are a great accessory if you’re trying to stay cool. Choose a comfortable tank top and nice shorts for exercise. Finally, wear a hat that matches the overall color scheme of your outfit.

For example, if you are wearing a dark tank top and neutral-toned shorts, you can also wear a dark, neutral-toned hat.

This outfit goes great with sneakers and ankle socks.

Combine a bucket hat with an oversized cardigan for fall.

Bucket hats are an excellent choice for in-between times. These hats are suitable for all types of weather, including days when it’s too warm for a heavy coat but too cold to go without a jacket. Wear a thigh-length sweater, leggings or skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots. Finally, put on a bucket hat before heading out into the wild.

Neutral tones go well with this type of outfit.

To take your ensemble to the next level, match your cardigan and hat.

Keep warm with long pants, a sweater and a hat.

The bucket is a stylish addition to the traditional winter hat. Wrap up in a sweater and a pair of long pants. Layer a thick warm coat on top and choose a bucket hat to complete the outfit.

For example, you can wear a sweater with long pants and a thick jacket on top.

You can also wear a bucket hat with jeans, a sweater and a long coat for a stylish look in cold weather.

Create an edgy look with a jacket and distressed jeans.

Hats are a great option if you want to dress up. Choose a leather jacket and your favorite ripped jeans along with a comfortable top. Add a bucket hat as the last stylish touch to your outfit!

Pair a pair of ripped blue jeans with a smart black blazer, a multi-colored top, and a solid-colored bucket hat.

Stay casual in a mostly black outfit.

Choose a black top, jacket and jeans for your outfit. It’s okay if your jacket has different colored accents – look for something that’s mostly black. Team this jacket with a dark top and a pair of black jeans. Add a bucket hat and a pair of comfy shoes to complete the look!

For example, you can pair a black windbreaker with a black shirt and a pair of black jeans. You can complete the look with a pair of sneakers in neutral tones and a hat in neutral tones.

Embrace the 90s with a nostalgic look.

Trace the bucket hat back to its fashion roots. Start your outfit with a ’90s top like a graphic tee or a shirt tied around the waist. Jazz it up with a pair of wide leg pants and a pair of sneakers or platforms. Complete the look with a hat to create a new 1995 outfit.

Mirrored sunglasses and furry sandals are great accessories for a 90s themed outfit.

A bodysuit or asymmetrical denim skirt is also a great tribute to the 90s.

What are bucket hats associated with?

Bucket hats are often associated with the 90s, but they don’t have to be. Bucket hats with modern styles aren’t necessarily the 90s themed ones that float around.

Are bucket hats out of style?

Not necessarily! Try a stylish look by pairing your bucket hat with a graphic tee and wide leg jeans.

What if I have too many bucket hats and can’t choose between them?

Choose the bucket hat that best matches your current outfit. For example, if you are wearing a navy blue top with a pair of black jeans, you can wear a black hat with your outfit.

Bucket hats go really well with swimsuits and swimwear.

If your bucket hat has straps, let them hang loose for a relaxed look.

Scarves look great in combination with a hat! Choose a color that contrasts nicely with your bucket hat to create a particularly dynamic look.


How to style a bucket hat
How to style a bucket hat


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