FAX full form

FAX full form
FAX full form

The full form of fax is “facsimile”. It is usually written and spoken as FAX. A fax is a scanned copy of text and images that are printed on paper and used to send from a source to a destination using a telephone line connected to a printer or other output device. In the last 75 years. fax transmission time reduced from an average of 6 minutes to an average of 1 minute. A device used to send documents electronically over the telephone network is called a fax machine.

How does it work?

It is a combination scanner and printer. Here, a scanner scans a page or hard copy of documents and converts it to a solid graphic image, then converts it to a bitmap and transmits it over a telephone line. Let’s understand how a fax machine works with a real life example, so suppose Riya wants to send a document to Mohit by fax, then she inserts the documents into the fax machine and then the machine scans the inserted documents and then converts them into solid graphic images and transmits the data to Mohit using a telephone line.


In 1842, Alexander Bain invented fax technology. He is the first person ever to transmit text or images using a telephone line. Later, this technology was modified or improved by Frederick Bakewell, creating the first picture telegraph similar to the modern fax machine. This is very good technology until the 21st century after email takes over fax technology. Emails are much faster, cheaper and require no additional hardware.

To send a fax using a fax machine, follow these steps:

Step 1: Place the document you want to send into the document feeder, there is usually a small icon to show which were: face up: fax sending your document.

Step 2: Enter the fax number you want to send, including the external dialing code or international code.

Step 3: Press “send” or “go” (depending on your fax machine)

step 4: Wait for the text to finish scanning and sending the document.

Step 5: Go to the confirmation page (if you have the feature enabled)

Step 6: Take your original document with you.

To receive a fax using a fax machine, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check if your fax machine is working properly.

Step 2: Check that the fax has enough ink and paper.

Step 3: When the fax arrives, the fax machine’s phone will ring. You don’t have to pick up the call, the fax will automatically answer the call and print the data on the pages.


  • In terms of cost, fax is a cheaper method of communication. In addition to the cost of phone paper, ink, etc.
  • the fax speed is faster even if the file size is large. It transfers data in seconds or minutes.
  • It does not contain any programming error and does not contain malware.
  • The fax installation process is very simple and does not require any separate training. It simply connects to the telephone line and mains socket.
  • Like other machines (i.e. computers) it is less likely to be hacked.
  • It also allows users to send handwritten documents to a recipient. so that the recipient gets an exact copy of the data and can use it in legal proceedings.


  • Fax requires maintenance such as ink, paper, toners, etc.
  • Data transmission quality is low. The quality of the data received is not the same as the data sent. Or we can say that the quality of the sent data is low compared to the original data.
  • A fixed connection is required for fax operation. Because fax machines rely on landline numbers to transfer data from source to destination.
  • It’s not multitasking. This means we cannot send and receive data at the same time.
  • It is not portable.
  • It is not environmentally friendly.





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