DM Full Form What’s the full form of DM?

By | December 4, 2022

What’s the full form of DM?

The full form of DM is District Judge.

D = District

M = Magistrate

Meaning of DM


What’s the meaning of DM?

Meaning of DM,
The full form of DM is a direct communication. DM can be a social media term that allows private dispatches between druggies of a social network.

A District Collector also known as a District Magistrate( DM) is the quarter executive head of a state bureaucracy in India. He’s also responsible for maintaining public order in his quarter. Justice of the Peace comes from the Middle English word justice of the peace, meaning” a civil officer responsible for the administration of the laws”.

Condensation of quarter megacity.
What’s the condensation of quarter megacity?

condensation of quarter megacity DM.

District = D

Magistrate = M


Constantly Asked Questions


What’s the full form of DM and SP?

IAS- Indian Administrative Services. DM- District Judge. IPS – Indian Police Service. IFS- Indian Foreign Service.


Is DM and Collector the same thing?

The Collector is also appertained to as the Magistrate and in some sections indeed as the Deputy Commissioner. So both District Collector and District Magistrate or Deputy Officers are one and the same. The District Collector is a member of the Indian Administrative Service and is appointed by the State Government.

Who’s the DM of India?

DM- profile. Name- Shri Abhishek Prakash(I.A.S.)

Who can suspend a DM?

No. The quarter collector can not suspend indeed a bobby, unless the police chief( read sp/ ssp) of the quarter agrees. The DM/ Dc can suspend any 3rd class officer of any department posted in his quarter except police officers and that’s why the post of SP becomes so important.

What’s the DM’s duty?

The DM is directly responsible for maintaining law and order in the state and has the power to bear any necessary action in agreement with the correctional law. The judicial part and responsibility of the DM has been greatly weakened as a result of the separation of powers between the superintendent and the bar.


Who’s the first DM in India?

Romesh Chandra Dutt

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