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face gym west Hollywood

FaceGym FaceGym is the original non-invasive Face Workout and the only facial gym studio. 1 Hotel guests receive a 20% discount on all exercises in the studio. Located outside the front entrance. (Present 1 hotel key card for redemption.) 424.281.1887 Follow @facegym on Instagram. Work it: FaceGym is the only gym studio for your face… Read More »


EYELASH EXTENSION ON VACATION Spring break will be here before you know it! If you have only thought about the instant worthy outfit to pack for your trip, add to that list the product you will need to keep your lash extensions on point while you are away. See our roundup of things to include… Read More »


COLOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS Colour eyelash extension World over, experience lash artist keeps experimenting with new looks and styling; some of which pick up like a craze over social media and reach places. Coloured lash extensions have been the latest international trend in India, till now, the coloured lash extensions services have existed in a very… Read More »

How Do Teeth Grow

      We, in general, have them and use them reliably, yet where do teeth come from? How do teeth create through gums? Moreover, what makes up teeth? All the more profoundly, concentrating on how our teeth make and what they include can help us focus more on them in our day-to-day existence.  … Read More »

How to Clean Nail Polish from Nails

      Foundation   Not at all like numerous different beauty care products that have a background marked by hundreds or even millennia, nail clean (or polish, or finish) is a development of 20th-century innovation. Nail covers were not obscure on antiquated occasions.    The privileged societies of old Egypt presumably utilized henna to… Read More »

The Natural Oils for Soft and Radiant Skin Except for Coconut

      Notice the inspiration driving why coconut oil and other standard skin-soothers ought to be a focal piece of your significance plan. Many skin types can profit from organizing standard oils. Stock Common oils, for example, coconut oil, shea spread the oil, and olive oil, have been utilized for good skin and hair… Read More »