AFC max travel kit

AFC max travel kit


The AFC  Max Travel Kit is designed to work in confluence with AFC LIVE

  • Longer spring length
  • Will Not Coil Bind
  • Enables 21 mm lift of the stage in the pump.
  • It’s NOT designed to work without AFC max
  • AFC Max Travel Kit Ultimate Is All Four Springs

Comes with all four springs

  • 21- 30 PSI( Truck)
  • 30- 35 PSI( Stock Turbo)
  • 35- 45 PSI( upgraded single turbo)
  • 45- 60 PSI( emulsion turbo)

Longer spring length

Will Not Coil Bind
Enables 21 mm lift of the stage in the pump.
AFC max energy control clump

The energy control clump allows full control of the quantum of energy available to you with AFC max. However, turn the clump up( clockwise), if you want to drop EGT, If you want further power. It’s as easy as it gets!

Energy control clump

The Energy Rate clump allows the stoner to acclimate the rate at which energy comes in and knitter the energy wind to their specific requirements. Want further nethermost end power? Increase it. Want lower bank? I mute it.

AFC max Full Energy Switch

The Full Energy Switch allows you to unleash all the energy eventuality available in your truck with just the flip of a switch. We get calls from guests all the time saying,” It’s like nitrous!”. still, need to go presto on the trace, or just want further power, If you are hauling a heavy cargo up a steep hill.

Pressure hand

Because our AFC max does not come with anypre-made settings, it’s fluidly customizable. still, each combination of clump reels has a unique relating pressure inside the AFC casing, this pressure is read on the pressure hand. This means that for every” tune” you find produce with AFC- max, you’ll have a unique matching pressure displayed on the hand that you can find again if you note it down. For illustration, a diurnal drive” tune” might read 25 psi, a towing” tune” might read 18 psi, and a racing” tune” might read 45 psi on the hand. Imagine you’ve been driving your diurnal motorist tune( 25 psi) all week and you want to go boarding this weekend. So when the work week is over, you engage 5th gear and start driving, also turn the clods on the AFC Live box until the hand reads 18 psi and you find your” tuning” lift again.

Max trip tackle

Choosing the right Max Travel Kit is essential to insure your AFC Live performs at its stylish. The stock AFC springs are designed to compress to match the energy/ charge pressures of the stock, when you increase the energy/ boost these springs compress much briskly so your power comes on important faster. While that sounds great, it’s not really what utmost people want from their auto. With AFC Live, the Energy Rate clump allows you to control the speed at which you reach your maximum energy setting. However, it’ll compress too snappily and the Energy Rate clump won’t work, If you have a spring that’s too light. Choosing the correct maximum voyage set will allow the Energy Rate clump to work to its full eventuality, allowing maximum adaptation of how slow/ fast the energy comes in. Since every truck is different and has different upgrades, we’ve handed a wide selection of Max Travel Accoutrements for you to choose from for different requirements.

Choosing the right trip tackle Max

21- 30 psi- For bone stock exchanges with no fresh tanking upgrades, AFC Live only
– 35psi – For exchanges with a standard turbo but with fresh energy boost
35- 45 psi- For exchanges with a larger aftermarket turbo and fresh energy boost
45- 60 psi – For exchanges with multiple turbos and fresh energy system upgrades that give high situations of boost.



How important energy does AFC Live add?

With AFC LIVE, we were suitable to move the wain a little advanced than the storehouse. With the AFC LIVE, we got the peak power up to 337 power( nearly exactly double) and the necklace hit 932 pound- bases! You may have also noticed that AFC LIVE was important faster than the first run. Both pulled the dyno barrel from 1300 to 2400 rpm.

How does AFC live work?

AFC LIVE is an in- hack energy treatment inventor for exchanges with transfer machines. It works by connecting in- line between the machine( the help source) and the AFC( which controls your fueling). faucets inside the AFC LIVE tuner allow you to modulate the air signal for bank control, EGT control and overall performance control.

What’s AFC Live Diesel?

patented) is an in- hack refueling control for mechanical exchanges with horizonless situations of adjustability! Setting the quantum of energy. Maximum energy setting. Complete EGT check.

What does deleting AFC do?

Designed to relieve the injection pump of pesky AFC leaks, it also allows for further throttle lift and energy inflow screw depth. Typical power earnings are 50- 65hp over stock. Deleting the AFC also frees up further room for advanced timing without having to” miss a tooth” on the timing gear.





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